How to get started with Facebook marketing: 10 useful websites

Facebook marketing help - useful information and websites

Businesses are now using Facebook to connect with customers.

Facebook is more than a vehicle for social chit-chat amongst friends. You may have noticed many businesses starting to use it – even now using a URL instead of a usual web address.

If you’ve been thinking about doing something on Facebook for your business or brand, here’s some key websites, simple ideas, case studies and videos to enable you to understand the basics and get yourself up and running.

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Examples of interesting Facebook ‘Pages’ – to help you start your own

Best Pages on Facebook

Here’s “a few of my favourite things” – Pages on Facebook I think are interesting – and ones I let into the inner sanctum of my news feed. I’ve listed them to help get you in the right headspace to set up and develop your own Page.

As with all things to do with social media (and life?), you can learn alot by observing other people and organisations who are doing it well.

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Steve Jobs message to graduates: “you’ve got to find work you love”

This was a speech given by Steve Jobs a few years ago at Stanford University. In it he makes a passionate case for finding work you love. And that you not settle for someone’s else’s idea of what you should do in life.

There’s lots of other great insights in his talk. I’ve summarised them in this post for you.

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Best of the Best: blogs to help you blog

Create a new blog

Start by learning from the best blogs

Here’s my round up of the best blogs to help you understand how to write your own first blog. Have a good look at how they tackle key aspects viz. writing, design, structure, blogroll, feeds, use of video and photos etc. Learn from what they’re consistently doing. And borrow and adapt aspects which appeal to you.

You’ll find in this post: links to my favourite blogs, compilations of top blogs (as voted by Time magazine and others), some of the more interesting advertising blogs around, and articles on how to blog better.

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My cunning plan

This is the first post on the blog I’ve set up for teaching students about new media.

I’m encouraging my students to learn how to use social media to promote the most important client they’ll ever have – themselves. They’ll be setting up their own blog, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.  The aim is for them to learn by doing. And to create a work profile and presence online.

The plan is to be the leading provider of undergraduates in Sydney in this growing area of the media.

“A plan so cunning, it may even work,” as Blackadder once said.

Photo courtesy of the BBC.

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